Glenda & Yaniv
We're Getting Married. May 16, 2021

"I thought you guys were married?"

Well, back in March 2020 we were booked with everything – venue, DJ, photo/video and all the way down to the table clothes. The wedding was set in 3 weeks when we started to hear about people cancelling on us due to restrictions arising from a virus, later named as Covid-19. We even had to cancel our own flight and the honeymoon. With our positive approach we still imagined the big day is just around the corner, just suffering from a small delay. Glenda used the last days before they shut-down the borders in her hometown, for what she later discovered as the very last visit she will pay to her mom. God took Mommy Fe’s life shortly after this visit and the oh-so-fabulous wedding gathering party we had planned, lost its magic.
We waited for a while. Unfortunately our world is still struggling with this hopefully soon to be  over catastrophe. So in light of our life changing move to Atlanta, we hope for the presence of a small group of friends and family, to be part of our humble wedding. At this wedding we will commemorate the memory of Mommy Fe and Daddy Avelino, who are not anymore with us. We will carry a special prayer with a silent moment to ask God for a world healing and we will try to win back some of the excitement, which we originally planned for.

So if anyone of you know of any reason that we should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace. 😉

about us

Photo of Yaniv Feldman smiling in a frame with flowers

Yaniv Feldman

Yaniv was born in Israel. Raised in a traditional Jewish family. Yaniv completed his Bachelor’s Degree major in Digital Media Arts in Tel-Aviv Israel where he started his passion in film making. After finishing college Yaniv worked as the Art Director/ Producer of Zombit, one of Israel’s most popular television show. Aside from filming and producing shows, Yaniv also worked as  Web Developer/Project Director for multiple tech companies. Being  an artist and an entrepreneur himself he established Fancy Design LLC on 2002 where he design company websites and produced commercial videos for various companies. Computer and camera’s are his best friends. Yaniv is an explorer and a world traveler, he is fascinated by the beauty of different places of the world and he made sure he capture and document all of them during his travels. 

Photo of Glenda Nogodula smiling in a frame with flowers

Glenda Nogodula

Glenda was born in Iloilo City Philippines and was raised in a Christian based faith family. After completing her bachelors degree in  Hotel and Restaurant Management she pursued her dreams of exploring the world through working with the most prestigious cruise lines which she worked for 11 years. Her intensive hospitality background and experience brought her an opportunity to migrate in Florida on 2007 when Hyatt Hotel offered her a lifetime career opportunity to migrate in the US. Glenda held various Food and Beverage management positions for 10 years with Hyatt Hotel, Sheraton Hotels and Marriott Hotels where she met the love of her life and shortly after 4 years she decided to join his business venture and manage his company.


Best Moments

From our first date at the Morikami Japanese Gardens all the way to present time, we celebrate life by travelling around the world and taking small bites of God’s creation.

When & Where

Now it’s time for you to join us, as we’re about to tie the knot and become one…

We’re getting married on May 16, 2021 at 12:30pm at our new house in Atlanta, GA.

Join us wearing white, but very casual. Shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops.. whichever way you feel like.
We will have the ceremony taking place at our own back-yard.

If you can’t attend the wedding, you can still join us by watching it live here:



Costiera Fermiliana
Tagaytay, Philippines

The Day Before/After

A golf cart tour of Peachtree City.
Scheduled for the day before the wedding.

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