Instructions for vendors selling our services

Please revisit this page often, for more updates.

Note: This is not a legal binding letter. Just an informative set of regulations.

We created this page in such way, it can be safely shared with your customers, if you choose to.


Prices are posted before year start and are effective on Jan. 1st, of every year.

Event booked for any following year, are priced according to the booked date. (Example: If you called on 12/31/2022 to book an event for 2023 even if we posted a change in price for 2023, you’re still good to pay the 2022 price).

For custom pricing, please call us.


Payment is expected in full at the date of the event. Even if editing is not complete.

Please notify us in advance, if you can’t make payment on time.

We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Cash – a receipt will be issued in 48 hours.
  2. Zelle – Pay using an email:
  3. CashApp to @yanivfel
  4. Venmo to @yanivfel
  5. Checks – Make checks payable to Fancy Brides.
Please don’t pay us using any other payment method.


Before scheduling a date, call us.

You can ask us to “pencil” a date for you. It will be set as a “question mark” until another vendor asks for it. In such case we will give you 24 hours to either book it or lose it.


If you must cancel a booked date, please try to do so up to a month in advance.

We don’t charge you for the first 2 cancellations per calendar year. From the 3rd cancellation, we might charge 50% of the event’s cost.

Hint: If you want to avoid cancellations, we suggest you charge a non-refundable down payment of at least 30% of the day, which is known to prevent clients’ cancellations.


We carry a liability insurance of up to $2M. Every venue can receive a direct email with a copy from our insurer, please allow 48 hours to issue this email.

We can’t include your company under our insurance, because you’re not working for us, we work for you.


If you lend us or require for us to use your equipment, we are not responsible for any damage caused to it by us or any other 3rd party. That is why we always prefer to work with our equipment. By all means, we do not lend our equipment.

Damage to our equipment by your clients or their vendors might be subject to your liability. We never held anybody responsible and wish to never do so, however, it is part of our job, to leave a recorder connected to sound/audio sources, in an unattended situations.

Please arrange with your clients and their 3rd party vendors for a safe place, where we can leave our equipment, if our work needs to be performed away from our equipment.

We are equipped with all cameras, lights and audio gear, to perform our work on the best way possible, under normal restrictions. We do not share with end clients the full list, as it is subject to rapid seasonal changes. We ensure your clients the use of the most recent DSLRs and other up-to-date professional cameras/equipment. We always record on SD and Micro-SD, no older than 1 year old. At the end of every event (50 miles or shorter from zip code 33020 or 30277), we arrive at our office to back up all files on the cloud and on another physical drive. For remote events, we store all SD cards in cameras or a safe case, which is always at our possession, until arriving at our office.


Due to the tight schedule and the nature of “live” events (non-staged), we can’t commit to address all of your clients’ requests for specific shot during the day, even when instructed in advance. We do however put all efforts to capture them all on time, under the given physical circumstances.

Booking a 2nd or a 3rd videographer, significantly improves the chances of capturing a larger amount of footage and occurrences throughout the event. By all means encourage customers to book more videographers, especially for those events with more locations/occurrences/guests, etc.

We only have few professional 2nd or 3rd shooter/videographers available and their schedules vary – the earlier you ask to reserve them, the more chances you will have for approval.

Booking only one videographer, means only one videographer will show up at your clients’ event, however, we may or may not add more team members, as we see fit, to help us perform our job better. This addition staff will not be communicated or committed to, prior to the event day. You are not being asked to pay for this staff. If you know of any entry restrictions they might need to be cleared for, please let us know days before the event.

We collect enough footage, as we see fit, to create the most interesting story for your clients. We aim to film the point of interest, however, if your client has specifics, we will need to receive a detailed list before the day of the event. Note that we do not encourage working with a list of shots, because that extremely limit our creativity freedom and takes away from some other main shots of the day.


By default, unless otherwise communicated in writing, we deliver two products via Dropbox, WeTrasfer or any other cloud file delivery service:

  1. Five (5) to Eight (8) minutes Highlights Video Clip.
  2. A Longer Documentary Video (lightly to no edited) – length vary and based on the footage captured during the event.

We do not release raw footage, however your client shouldn’t be discouraged by it, as the Documentary long video product is as long and complete as the event can possibly be – it consist of pretty much everything captured from the ceremony (on weddings), all through the end of the event, minus dull moments when there is nothing worth filming happens.

Check our website for more options – then call us to get more information.


Theoretically, this is our art and therefore we get to choose how to create it, based on our vision. Therefore, it is important that you encourage clients to  watch some of our event videos before they choose to work with us, to make sure they love our creations. If they do, they will most likely to be happy with our end product.

As a rule of thumb, if a customer is asking to correct something – they address an issue that is more than likely related to our error, while a customer who’s asking to change something is usually referring to an additional work, which we charge extra for.

If there are any technical issues with the delivery, we need to be informed about them no later than 14 days days from the date of delivery. During this 14 days period, If a client wants to have one (1) revision of reasonable changes – they need to send us a reasonable amount of corrections. 

We are more than likely to refuse the following changes as part of the package (we charge for extra labor):

  1. Changing part of an frame – although technically almost everything can be done in Photoshop can nowadays be done with film, however it sometimes require a labor and technology resulting in large budgets, therefore we can’t change a person’s dress, wrinkles, remove a person taken next to something or someone, etc. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but we will most likely to refuse such cases.
  2. Changing the order or length of more than 10% of the video – this means re-editing it all, which will result in a very big labor time and will have to be charged separately.
  3. Changing any background music after already submitting song choices – the video is edited by the beat of the sound. Changing a song means re-editing, which will be charged separately.
  4. Changing the length of the video – See number 2 on this list.
  5. Adding photos or videos we didn’t film ourselves, such as slideshows, presentations, greetings, etc.
For all of the above cases, if your customer agree to compensate us for the extra labor – refer to our price list for extra labor/hour. We send an invoice after the work is rendered. We can’t quote the client before. Our team is more than reasonable with the span of work and in the most part, most requests can be done within 1-5 hours. We hope that makes it easy for you to estimate the work involved.


Selling our service

Transparency, honesty, sincerity. Keep these traits as fundamentals, when speaking to your clients and win their trust.

Nobody wants to have a businessman on their romantic day – they prefer to see you as their friend, and this is how you should handle yourself.

For that exact reason, try to arrange for a friendly meeting with them over lunch at your office or near it. If scheduled with us, we’ll make an effort to free up our time to meet with them in person, or if remote, over a screen+video sharing.

On some occasions, such as holidays or special promotions you may run from time to time, we will help your clients make an easier decision, by throwing some extra cool bonuses into the deal, such as (but not limited to) Engagement session, Reality style session, Drone coverage, Cable Cam, Photo gallery out of the video footage, and some discounts on other products.

You shouldn’t be discouraged from selling our services to your clients, even if they visit they will always get a reduced price from you, while you still have a nice margin to work with. This margin, if worked smart, should leave you profit, even after all expenses of advertising, meeting with clients, planning, and all other labor or physical expenses. Keep in mind – if you show clients the value of their choices, they would be open to some up-sales.



We’ll try to answer them all.

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